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Ibrahim Group Strategies is a Public Relations, Government Relations, and Marketing firm located in Windsor Ontario.  Serving Windsor, London, Toronto, and Detroit.  IG Strategies have worked on some of the most well-known Human Rights cases in the country and we provide our clients with tailored expertise and specialized services to ensure that the client’s goals, both online and offline are met.

IG Strategies has been on the forefront of many well-known public relations cases. Our dedicated team has worked with nonprofits, corporations, public figures, and small businesses to help their stories reach their target audience. We specialize in not only changing public perception and raising brand awareness but also organically engaging the public and allowing them to advocate for your business.

Our goal is to make you the reference and leading authority in any venture and we accomplish this by creating resonance.

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Dedication, Knowledge, Experience and know how. Many have claimed the title and ability to be aware of social media, marketing, and public relations. Few have ventured into the territory that we have. With have focus in creating and organic, grass-root awareness Ibrahim Group Strategies is able to create brand loyalty and advocacy. Your fan base will become your supporters, your advocates, and champion your brand.

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