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Social Media Audit



IG Strategies is an agency specializing in social media, we were tasked with conducting a comprehensive audit of Islamic Relief Canada's social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The purpose of the audit was to assess the current performance of their social media presence and identify areas of improvement to enhance organic engagement and growth.

Social media audit
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Instagram, twitter and facebook audit

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In the first phase of the audit, we meticulously analyzed Islamic Relief Canada's Twitter account. We evaluated their posting frequency, content types, and engagement metrics. Through this analysis, we gained valuable insights into the preferences and interests of their Twitter audience. Additionally, we examined their use of hashtags, mentions, and the overall tone of their tweets to determine what resonated best with their followers.

Moving on to Facebook, we conducted an in-depth review of Islamic Relief Canada's page. We assessed their content strategy, posting frequency, and audience engagement levels. By analyzing the performance of different content types, such as videos, images, and articles, we could identify the most effective approaches. Our insights also covered how to optimize the use of Facebook's algorithm, create engaging captions, and leverage call-to-action prompts to improve organic reach and engagement.

islamic relief canada

Social posts and engagement

The Instagram audit involved analyzing Islamic Relief Canada's visual content and its impact on their followers. We scrutinized their posting consistency, content themes, and use of Instagram Stories and Reels. We provided recommendations on leveraging the power of Instagram's visual appeal to showcase their humanitarian efforts effectively. Additionally, we advised them on the strategic use of relevant hashtags, engagement with followers through comments and direct messages, and fostering a strong community spirit on the platform.

Based on the data collected from the audits, we delivered a comprehensive strategy for the year. The strategy focused on growing their social media presence organically and improving engagement across all channels. This included a content calendar that aligned with their events and campaigns, highlighting key initiatives and timely messaging. We proposed a mix of content formats, including impactful storytelling, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and success stories to create a well-rounded brand narrative that resonated with their audience.

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To foster organic growth, we recommended implementing a user-generated content (UGC) campaign that encouraged their followers to share their experiences and stories related to Islamic Relief Canada's activities. This approach not only built stronger connections with the audience but also showcased the organization's impact from the perspective of real people.

In conclusion, through a thorough audit of Islamic Relief Canada's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, our PR agency was able to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies to improve organic engagement and growth. By optimizing their content approach, leveraging social media features, and fostering a sense of community, we set them on a path to make a more significant impact on social media and further their humanitarian mission.