Nazem kadri Foundation

PR and Social Media



At IG Strategies, we had the privilege to partner with the Nazem Kadri Foundation to manage their website, social media, donation platform, and promotional content for their annual golf tournament. Additionally, we took charge of designing marketing plans, creating initiatives, and executing multiple PR campaigns to further the Foundation's mission and amplify their impact.

nazem Kadri Foundation and IG Strategies

Website Redesign and Management:

Our first task was to revamp the Nazem Kadri Foundation's website to reflect their core values and objectives. We designed a modern and user-friendly interface that showcased their charitable initiatives, success stories, and upcoming events. The new website featured a seamless donation platform, making it easy for visitors to support the Foundation's causes. Regular updates ensured that visitors were always informed about the latest activities and achievements.

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Annual Golf and Marketing

Managing promotional content for the annual golf tournament was an integral part of our partnership. We created compelling visual assets, engaging videos, and attention-grabbing copy to raise awareness about the tournament. Through targeted email campaigns, social media posts, and press releases, we encouraged participation, sponsorship, and donations, resulting in increased support and success for the event.

To bolster the Foundation's outreach, we developed comprehensive marketing plans tailored to specific campaigns and initiatives. These plans included targeted advertising, influencer partnerships, and community engagement strategies. Our team monitored the performance of each campaign, adjusting tactics as needed to maximize the impact of the Foundation's message.

Nazem kadri Foundation

Public Relations and Social Media

Social Media Management: With our expertise in social media management, we crafted a dynamic and engaging social media presence for the Nazem Kadri Foundation. We curated a content mix that showcased the organization's philanthropic endeavors, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and heartwarming stories of those impacted by their initiatives. Our team proactively engaged with followers, responded to messages, and amplified the Foundation's reach through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

IG Strategies conceptualized and executed multiple PR campaigns that garnered media attention, increased brand visibility, and reinforced the Nazem Kadri Foundation's reputation as a force for positive change. We leveraged various media outlets, interviews, and press conferences to spread awareness about the Foundation's initiatives and accomplishments. In conclusion, our collaboration with the Nazem Kadri Foundation allowed us to make a tangible difference in their online presence and philanthropic efforts. Through website management, social media strategies, compelling content creation, and impactful PR campaigns, we contributed to the growth and success of the Foundation, driving greater support and resources to those in need.