We build and continue to tweak website to ensure your landing pages work and towards your goals.

At IG Strategies we believe that websites need to be fun, easy to navigate and properly capture your company’s essence.

Websites that are easy to navigate, fun to use, and great on every device you load it on.

Our websites are made by graphic designers and using the latest in technology to ensure your website converts. By selling products, generating leads, and creating political campaigns we can help you make an amazing website.

We’ve entered an era of heightened engagement where those seeking to stand apart from their counterparts need to proactively engage target audiences who are always connected and bring with them heightened expectations and increased cynicism. Our team helps provide a clear understanding of the behavioural drivers that motivate target audiences. We craft tailored messages, create relevant content and deploy collaborative tools to help meet engagement objectives.

We can build it all

IG Strategies is serious about making the best websites.  Our team we are able to build the most beautiful, interactive, modern sites without breaking the bank.

Every project has its scope and budget and some jobs cost more than others.  But with our team, we can guarantee that for the magnitude of your site, we would charge far less than many of our competitors offering similar content.

With our team of developers, we are able to build websites to the specifications that you want.

E-Commerce, WordPress, Shopify, Angular, PHP and even mobile apps.

IG Strategies can build your website, help create content, work to make it extremely modern, and most importantly help convert and generate business for you.

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